Conglomerate Of Baseball’s Best (COBB)

Founded: March 1, 2021

Founders: Snake, Monte

Game Version: OOTP 22


  1. Sims
    1. Sims run Monday-Friday during the regular season for 7 days at a time
    2. Sim time will be at 10am EST unless otherwise noted by the leadership council
    3. All trades will be processed at the end of the sim
    4. Sim schedule may be adjusted during the playoffs and offseason
  1. GM Expectations
  1. Export regularly
    1. 2x per real-life week is the minimum
  2. No cheating of any kind will be tolerated
  3. Be respectful of other GM’s at all times
  4. Be active in slack
    1. Respond to PM’s within a realistic timeframe, especially near trade deadline and draft
  5. Participate in voting
    1. Polls posted in the league slack channels
    2. Vote for All Star game
    3. Vote for Awards 
    4. Vote for Hall of Famer
  6. Failure to abide by these expectations will result in removal from the league at the leadership council’s discretion
  7. Any GM with concerns of any kind should contact the leadership council privately and NOT the GM(s) in question or in general chat
  1. Team Finances
  1. GM’s are expected to remain within the owner budget at all times; if budget is exceeded by more than 20% in consecutive seasons, the following penalties will be enforced:
    1. Loss of a draft pick
    2. Lowering of the team budget
    3. Removal from the league
  2. Cash reserves (on hand) are irrelevant when determining a balanced budget
  3. Extenuating circumstances will be considered on a team basis (i.e. owner drops budget)
  1. Player Contracts
  1. 8 year maximum contract as set in-game
  2. 1 year contracts or extensions can be made at any time
  3. Multi-year Contracts (Extensions & Free Agent Signings)
    1. 2 years MLB service time must be accrued prior to being able to offer a multi-year extension to any player on your team
      1. Ex: Player A has 1 year, 147 days of service time.  Player B has 2 years, 11 days of service time.
        You may only offer a multi-year extension to Player B as Player A has yet to accrue 2 years of MLB service time.
    2. For any multi-year contract with any annual value >= $10 Million, no contract year will be more than twice that of the lowest annual value in the contract
      1. Ex: Player A signs a 3-year contract extension for $5M, $8M, and $15M.
        That contract will be illegal and will be voided.  To be in line with rules the contract would need to be $7.5M, $8M, $15M.
    3. If an illegal contract cannot be cancelled out, the contract will be made a one-year deal of the AAV of the contract by the leadership council
  4. Contract Clauses
    1. Player Opt-Outs, No-Trade Clauses & Promised Roles are allowed and honored
    2. 10/5 rules are in place and honored
  5. Bonuses & Incentives
    1. No individual bonus or incentive may exceed 10% of the highest year of contract
      1. Ex: Highest year of contract = $10M
        No individual bonus or incentive may be more than $1M
    2. Pitcher incentives
      1. Innings Pitched (IP)
        1. SP: not to exceed 150 IP
        2. RP/CL: not to exceed 50 IP
    3. Batter incentives
      1. Plate Appearances (PA): not to exceed 550 PA

  6. Team Options
    1. Team Option buyout must be at least 25% of Team Option year
      1. Ex: Highest year of contract = $10M.  Team option buyout must be at least $2.5M
    2. Team option year may not exceed 150% highest year of contract
      1. Ex: Highest year of contract = $2M.  Team option may not exceed $3M
    3. Only 1 team option allowed per contract
  7. Player Options
    1. Player option may not exceed 150% highest year of the contract
      1. Ex: If Year 1 = $1M & Year 2 = $2M then a Year 3 Option cannot be higher than $3M
    2. Player options are not allowed after team options
  8. Violations of any option year will result in the year becoming guaranteed
  1. TradesWe will be starting with the 2012 cba.
  2. Trade Rules
    1. Draft picks are not tradeable
    2. If a player is injured during the sim after being traded for longer than one week the injury will be wiped out.
    3. Recently drafted players may be traded
    4. Injured players may be traded
    5. The 10/5 rule is in effect and will be enforced
    6. Trades can be made from the start of the offseason until the stated trade deadline, and then again once the offseason starts.
    7. Free agent signings are not able to be traded until Draft Day of the following season
      1. Ex: Player A was signed during free agency on November 28th, 2023.  He may not be traded until June 15th, 2024

8.        You may not deal pending free agents in the time    after the season / during the playoffs.

  1. Submitting a trade
  1. One GM must submit the trade in-game, to be reviewed by the leadership council prior to being processed.  Any trade not submitted will not be processed.
  2. Trades must be posted in the #trades_completed channel by GM
  3. All GM’s involved in the trade must confirm the trade or it will not be processed
  4. The league council reserves the right to veto a trade if necessary and may present a league wide vote first, but they are not required to do so
  1. Minor League Roster Rules
  2. Roster sizes and service time limits will mimic the real MiLB:
    1. AAA: 30 man roster, No Age Limit
    2. AA: 30 man roster, 25 years old limit
    3. A+: 30 man roster, 24 years old limit
    4. A: 30, 23 years old limit
    5. A-: 30, 22 years old limit
    6. Rookie: 40 man roster, 21 years old limit
  3. Roster Moves
  4. Waivers/DFA:
    1. GM’s are expected to manage their players on DFA
    2. If a player’s DFA time expires, the commish will attempt to demote
    3. If demotion is refused, an attempt to place back on the major league roster and 40-man will be made
    4. If that fails, the player will be released, and the contract will be guaranteed
  1. Amateur Draft
  1. The amateur draft is 30 rounds and done via stats+. It takes roughly a week to complete
    1. We recommend GM’s make a list in-game and on stats+  using the “list pick” option
  2. Draft pick signing bonuses are off to provide league balance and prevent recently drafted players from being unnecessarily released
  3. Round Timers
    1. Round 1 = 4 hours
    2. 3 hours for all other rounds

If you get auto’d you are on auto for the rest of the draft unless you manipulate your settings back. If you are taking yourself off auto constantly and delaying the draft you will deal with the wrath of a thousand firey Snakes.

  1. Rule 5 Draft
    1. The Rule 5 draft will be done how the game does it. If the players show they are available in the game than they are available (unless protected by the team prior to the draft).
    2. The Rule 5 draft is done in-game
    3. GM’s should make a list in-game if interested in drafting any players. No list = no players
    4. Teams need space on the 40-man roster. With no open spots, players cannot be drafted.
  1. 10.Staff Requirements
  1. All teams will keep full staff at all times; this includes:
    1. MLB Manager
    2. MLB Bench Coach
    3. MLB Pitching Coach
    4. MLB Hitting Coach
    5. MLB Trainer
    6. Minor league managers
    7. Minor league pitching coaches
    8. Minor league batting coaches
  2. Scouting Director and Assistant GM are NOT required but GM’s may hire one if desired.
  3. Teams not employing a full staff  will be warned by the leadership council.  If staff is not filled within 1 week team will lose their 5th round pick in upcoming MLB amateur draft
  1. League Evolution
  1. Ballparks
    1. Ballparks/Stadiums may be modified with leadership council approval
    2. New Ballparks/Stadiums may be built with leadership council approval
  2. Expansion
    1. League expansion will be determined at a later date
    2. GM’s interested in moving to an expansion team must submit an application, which will be reviewed by the leadership council before a final decision is made. Requirements when applying for an expansion team:
      1. GM must export regularly
      2. GM must outline a solid 5-year plan for the expansion team
      3. GM must be in the league for at least one full season before applying
  3. Rule Changes
    1. The league will review rules and game settings each offseason
    2. The league leadership council will always be transparent regarding all potential changes but reserves the right to make changes that benefit the league
    3. See rule change procedures section below for more details
  1. 12.Rule Change Procedures
  1. Rule change proposals will now act as a CBA that will last for 3 seasons, and there will be no proposals until the next window
    1. Next CBA: 2021-2022 offseason
  2. All proposals must be made at the end of the season, during the first sim window
  3. To make a rule change proposal, a GM must enter full proposal in the rule-change-proposal channel
  4. A second, voting-eligible GM, must “second” the proposal for the rule to go to a vote
  5. Proposal will then be up for vote. GM’s may vote in favor, against, or abstain. Abstaining votes will go to the highest vote getting option of the other two, as long as said option has obtained at least a 1/3 vote (10/5).
  6. If passed, the rule will be placed into game rules on the next sim
  7. Votes for league specific things such as DH will be conducted by only the GM’s from said league. All other votes will be league wide.
  8. The leadership council has veto power on any rule change proposal before it heads to popular vote. leadership council must provide reasoning for said veto immediately when vetoing. If another GM feels veto is unfair, he can propose an overrule vote.  All overrule votes must be 2/3’s MAJORITY vote with no abstentions going to either other vote.  Once a rule change proposal has gone to vote, the leadership council has no power to stop the voting result.
  1. 13.Notice
  1. This document may be altered/changed at any time, with or without prior notice, by the leadership council and changes will be shared with the league as needed.
  2. Special thanks to Mike and Matt of MMLB for the bones of this document.
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